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Saturday 16th May, 2009 by Amy Tolmie

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I’ve entered a world of cardboard recently (in part due to having lots of empty cardboard boxes left over from my new kitchen). Not wanting to see good materials go to waste, I set about finding a good use for all this cardboard and found one! If you’ve never seen the cardboard testimony idea, it’s worth checking out…it’s such a simple but powerful idea. Not quite sure how this links to schoolswork, but I used this the other day with the schools team here in Luton, in helping us reflect on the journey we’re on with God, and the transformation we’ve seen in our lives because of Him.


Maybe this could work in a school setting… a lesson on poverty? You could start off with homeless signs,  talk about what Jesus thinks of the poor, share stories of people who are ‘poor’ in the eyes of the world, but live a richer life than the richest millionaire. The cardboard testimony idea could be adapted to suit stories that you find to illustrate a transformation in these situations made possible by the grace of God?....just a thought!

Also, continuing the cardboard theme, just came across 10 cheap but great cardboard creations!



Happy cardboarding!

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oh man, that cardboard testimony vid just made my eyes leak! i wasn’t expecting it to be that powerfull. God is good!

By Louise on Monday 18th May, 2009

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