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Friday 23rd Nov, 2007 by Santou

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I’ve been asked to take a (multi-faith) Primary school assembly on Wed
28 Nov 07 on the topic St. Andrew’s Day and Advent. I have no idea how the
heck these two themes can work together in a 15-20 min assembly. But if
anyone has ideas for either topic (or both!) please send them to Thanks

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St Andrew patron saint of Scotland.
Scotland had a ban on celebrating Christmas [verify details]
How do we respond today?
What about ideas for a Winterfest or similar [think tank report out a couple of weeks ago recommending downgrading Christmas or upgrading other faiths festivals for multi cultural reasons]
Have other things taken over and so it has become frivolous?
Well,  a sideways thought!

By Ian on Tuesday 27th Nov, 2007

HELP!! Am doing two infant assemblies next week. One is on Advent and another is a Christingle service, having never done anything like this before am really stuck for ideas. Each assembly will last about 20min. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanx :)

By Gemma Davison on Thursday 20th Nov, 2008

this site has all the info and ideas for Christingle. In an assembly I also have a giant version - foam football sprayed orange, large candle, kebab skewers instead of cocktail sticks, marshmallows or fruit segments instead of small sweets and raisins.

Advent assemblies:
1. make an advent wreath at the front and talk about hope, peace, joy and love
2. waiting theme - things we wait for e.g. bus, dinner, birthday, Christmas. How do we wait?
3. preparation theme - preparing for events e.g. new baby, holiday, moving house etc. What do we need? Link to preparations for Christmas and preparing ourselves.

More ideas here.

By Marge on Sunday 23rd Nov, 2008

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