SchoolsworkUK Equipping Quiz

After taking the quiz you will get one of four outcomes and some suggested areas you could benefit having some training in, as indicated by the answers you gave*.

As with any Buzzfeed-esque quiz, please take our suggestions at the end fairly lightly. It is impossible to give everyone a personalised outcome in a quiz of this type, so there are some generalisations we have to make and you may disagree with some of the detail in the outcome you get.  However it is our hope it might resonate with you in some ways and give you ideas for where to go from here. Even the most experienced schools worker will have some training suggestions, and those of you who would put yourself in that category please don't stop here - pass this quiz onto others and use it to start investing in others who are just starting out.  We think we should always keep learning and having fun along the way! 

Please get in touch if you have questions about anything that came up or if you had any technical issues. 

Have a great day!

*Your answers are anonymous. Although we do see what answers have been given, we have no way of knowing you who are!