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See below for frequently asked questions and a summary of each of the equipping days.

1. Where and when are the schoolsworkUK equipping days being delivered?

SOUTH: Youthscape are delivering this training programme at Bute Mills, our brand new training centre in Luton, Bedfordshire. We are piloting a new model of training delivery with this programme, where the guest speakers will be delivering their input from Bute Mills. This will then be live streamed out to other locations, facilitated by local schools work experts. We want any Christian visitor to school to be able to access relevant training their region, run by local people who know what they are talking about. By working in partnership with local projects and organisations, we will be able to draw on local knowledge but tap into the national picture available from our guest speaker delivering input from Bute Mills. 

NORTH: LFIS (Leeds Faith in Schools) are delivering this programme in partnership with local projects and churches, held at Church House in Leeds. The day will be run and facilitated by local schools work experts, featuring input streamed live from Bute Mills in Luton. There will be opportunities for interaction with the speakers and guests in Luton throughout the day. 

We are holding the equipping days on Fridays, between 10-4pm. Please scroll down to find the relevant date next to a description of the relevant equipping day. 

What is it and who is it for?

This new programme is designed for Christians at any stage of engagement with school or college life in a voluntary capacity, whether they are church ministers, youth workers visiting schools, full time schools workers or other volunteers, and whether you work with primary, secondary or with 16-19s. It is designed as a programme that works best when attending at least three days, to benefit from a community learning experience where we encourage participants to be in touch with each other between the equipping days in learning communities. The full programme will launch in September 2017, with a series of 8 equipping days throughout the year. After completing at least 5 of those (or at least 3 days in the pilot between January - June 2017), attendees are invited to complete one assignment based on the days they attended to gain a Youthscape Certificate.

How much does it cost?

There are discounts available for the number of training days you choose to attend. Here is the breakdown, which includes lunch and refreshments:

  • One day: £50
  • Three days: £135 (save £15 by using the 'OFFER3' code at the checkout)
  • Four days: £170 (save £30 by using the 'OFFER4' code at the checkout)
  • Five days: £190 (save £60 by using the 'OFFER5' code at the checkout)

Attend at least 3 days out of 5 and you will get a Youthscape Certificate.


1 - The Essentials: Join us for a day of considering some key areas of knowledge for Christians working in schools, including a theological underpinning for our work; how we can keep up with the rapid changes in education and what impact they will have on our work; and explore the key skills needed for Christian schools work. Listen to Chris Curtis, Gordon Raggett and Amy Tolmie as they share from their combined 70 years plus of experience in schools, as well as join in the conversation and have a chance to talk about how things are going in your experience. 

Date: Friday, 20th January

2 - Emotional Health and Well Being: Join us on this day to explore the impact of the current crisis in mental health provision on the life of schools. We will look at: child development, pastoral support and mental health and well-being in the whole school community. We will be joined by Dr Kate Middleton as well as other practitioners who apply up to date research and thinking into their everyday practice in schools in working with children and young people in this area. 

Date: Friday, 24th February 

3 - The Future of Sharing Faith in Schools: Join us in thinking about the challenge and opportunity of talking about the Christian faith in education. Learn about new opportunities in Religious Education, as well as how to engage children and young people in the wider spiritual life of the school. This day will have a hands-on approach with the opportunity to experience activities designed to add to the spiritual moral social and cultural (SMSC) life of the school. Lat Blaylock will be joining us on this day.

Date: Friday, 24th March

4 - Effective Communication and the Art of Storytelling: Day four will focus in on the art of storytelling as a skill that can be used across your work in schools. Through that, we look at how to communicate effectively and build relationships in schools. There will be many chances to get involved and develop your own skills in a storytelling workshop. We will be led by Neil Ruckman, a teacher and storyteller with 20 years of experience in this field. 

Date: Friday, 12th May 

5 - Fundraising: Join us on this day to discover how to financially resource the work you’re doing in schools and beyond. We’ll take a look at: how to find local support; accessing school funding; networking and building relationships; and bid writing for grant-awarding funders.  Chris Curtis will lead the day, 2016 winner of the 'Fundraiser of the Year' award from the Institute of Fundraising's 'National Fundraising Awards'. 

Date: Friday, 9th June