Prayer Space Resources

Posted on March 18, 2016 by Amy Tolmie
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Each of the following resources has everything you need to know to set up and run each idea.  These were designed by Rachel Warwick during her time running Orison which has now given way to the Prayer Spaces in Schools project. For help on setting up prayer spaces, where they fit into school life and stories about how they have been used in the UK and around the world, do connect with their website and the brilliant team over at Prayer Spaces in Schools. 


prayer / reflection ideas about self:

Download 'Hands' here. The hand is a simple resource based around Isaiah 49:16 - See I have engraved you on the palms of my hands

Download 'Image' here. The mirror area is a space for people to stand on their own and consider their self-image. It is particularly effective with teenagers who struggle with body image.

Download 'Image quotes' here. Eight quotes with different ideas about what it means to be beautiful.

prayer / reflection ideas about others:

Download 'Sorry' here. This is an exercise in confession, encouraging people to think about saying sorry, and the way that God has promised he will forgive and wipe all our sins away if we confess.

Download 'Forgiveness' here. This is an activity based around forgiving and letting go. It works well alongside the sorry activity. It encourages people to think about times when they have been wronged and are hurt, angry or bearing a grudge.

Download 'Forgiveness quotes' here. Eight different quotes on forgiveness from a variety of writers.

Download 'People' here. This is an activity designed to get people thinking about their friends and social groups and where they, and others, fit in.

prayer / reflection ideas about the world around us:

Download 'World prayer' here. The use of a world map encourages students to think about issues in the world around them.

Download 'Local area' here. This encourages students to pray for their surrounding areas, using small flag indicators on a local map.

prayer / reflection ideas about God / prayer itself:

Download 'Bubble tube prayer' here. Bubble tubes are available on the internet, e.g. on Amazon

Download 'Plasma ball' here. This resource encourages students to imagine how the plasma ball reflects what God is like, and how he responds when we pray.

Download 'Orison plates' here. This craft activity for primary school children encourages them to think about four different ways of praying, using the words wow, thank you, sorry and please.

Download 'Planes' here. This allows students to 'launch' their prayers on paper aeroplanes.

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