The Bible: The Big Story

Posted on October 25, 2011 by Amy Tolmie

The first thing to hit me was the amazing smell and feel of the semi gloss pages, which, when coupled with the illustrations from Christian artist and illustrator, Emma Bennett, makes The Bible: The Big Story a very pleasing resource to flick through. However, don't be fooled by my opening statement that this resource is all about aesthethics. RE Today have developed a fantastic set of creative RE lessons for the 11 – 14 age group, based on the idea of exploring Bible stories using art and brilliant investigative questioning techniques that will challenge your students to dig deep.

The resource comprises 18 units, kicking off with creation and taking you on a fulfilling journey through scripture, allowing students to interact with interesting activities and giving them space for personal reflection along the way. The title of the last unit “The end – or is it? New creation” is an example of the intriguing approach Stephen Pett has taken in putting this resource together. It is full of imagery, story and provocative questions, which offer an alternative to the sometimes-tedious texts available for use in RE lessons.

As you would expect of an RE Today resource, each unit has its own curriculum connections and indicators for levels of achievement. Any RE teacher would be impressed by your knowledge of attainment targets and the like if you were able to throw some of the terms used in this resource into your next planning meeting!

Whether you think you could teach RE lessons in your sleep, or you're just thinking about approaching your local school to get involved, I'd recommend this as a great tool for teaching from and about the Bible. The resource comes with a disc full of digital images, student and teacher resources.

Find the resource here.