Global Perspectives in the Classroom

Posted on January 22, 2010 by Amy Tolmie

Through 2008 and 2009, Ruth Wills developed a series of programmes for children of Primary age under the title 'Spirituality days.' These provide the opportunity for classes to take a break from the normal timetable and to experience something of the 'spiritual.' On a typical 'Spirituality day' the children take part in activities which relate to personal and global issues and are able to make personal responses as global citizens. Time for silence and reflection is provided and children connect imagination to creativity through music, art, drama and creative writing. Space is given for children to reflect on how the experiences affect their own personal lives and the day aims to be a transformative experience.

This paper provides a theoretical reflection on the value of 'spirituality days' for the growth of children to be global citizens and for school as the place where children's spirituality is met and nurtured.