Resource Toolkit

Sanctity of Life

January 25, 2011 by Amy Tolmie

In the February 2011 Youthwork Magazine, we featured a story from Mark Roques in our 'Story Box', alongside some lesson ideas for a Sanctity of Life theme. Here are some useful links as well as the accompanying Keynote/Powerpoint file to download.

What is Love?

December 10, 2010 by Amy Tolmie

A Christmas lesson from Lat Blaylock we featured in Youthwork Magazine last year. Free for you to download here.

The Christmas Search

November 26, 2010 by Amy Tolmie

In the December 2010 Youthwork Magazine we featured a game to use in informal settings with students. The game uses image cards that could be linked to different aspects of Christmas to help unpack some different themes: LIGHT / HEALING / FAMILY / LIFE / PEACE / KING. Here is the PDF of the images to download.

Primary Age Playing Cards

November 23, 2010 by Amy Tolmie

The new playing cards contain 52 brand new questions, and are geared towards the 7-13 yr old age group. This means they are suitable for use with the primary age group, middle schools and also in secondary schools with lower ability students.

Remembrance Pictures

November 04, 2010 by Amy Tolmie

A downloadable set of pictures to use in an assembly for Remembrance Day. The pictures can be used as a good introduction to an assembly that helps students think about what makes us remember other people in our lives.

If Jesus came to our school...

September 24, 2010 by Amy Tolmie

If you came to the IMAGINE2010 event you will remember Lat Blaylock's inspirational material. Here is Lat''s Powerpoint for you to download and reconnect yourself with the creative ideas and themes he was exploring with us.