Wing Clips

Posted on September 05, 2008 by Amy Tolmie

Copied from Chris Curtis' blog post in November:
They're a Christian company based in the US but their clips are available to anyone, including those of us based in the UK. They have cleared the copyright issues with the film studios so it's a fully legitimate use on the clips. You can download a low res clip for free or subscribe monthly (about £8 after the currency conversion) and get high res clips as well. What's impressive - even for a movie snob like me who hates the idea of showing 'clips' rather than the whole film - is that they have a huge list of all the latest big movies updated regularly and searchable by title or theme. So a search for clips on the subject of 'forgiveness' included one from 'Elizabeth' (still showing in cinemas in the UK and 'Spiderman 3'. I think it could be agreat resource for assemblies and lessons as well as lunchtime groups.

Access the site here.

If you're into films, there's a 'newsworthy articles' page which highlights Christian issues in film and what to look out for, although hasn't been updated for a couple of months.