Shoulder to Shoulder

Posted on June 02, 2008 by Amy Tolmie

Shoulder to Shoulder is an engaging resource that allows school Christian groups to raise money to support child-headed households. It explores the lives of young people who have been orphaned by AIDS and have had to take on the responsibility of caring for their siblings. Scripture Union and Tearfund have joined forces in this unique venture. The idea is a really simple one - young people can stand shoulder to shoulder with their peers in other parts of the world by getting sponsored to take on extra responsibilities around their school or home. Everything that a school group might need to get started can be downloaded from a special section of the Tearfund website. There is a 5 min DVD (which can also be streamed), group session outlines, assembly script, letter to schools, letter to parents, forms, FAQs etc.

This is an exciting new resource and we'd love you to be able to spread the word. Do have a look at the Shoulder to Shoulder pages yourself and then pass on the information to anyone you know who is running a group. It has all been written so that young people who are leading a group can easily run with it. But don't let that stop you being involved either!!

To get all the details go to