Questions From 16-19 Year Olds

Posted on January 27, 2017 by Lahna Pottle
Categories: 16-19s,

I've been going into a local Sixth Form College for a while now, holding a drop-in style group with 16-19 year olds. Amongst playing copious amounts of popcorn and oreos, we have been discussing topics that the students themselves want to talk about. The questions they asked and the topics they suggested pleasantly surprised me. They were keen to tackle the big, deep questions, that they aren't getting to talk about elsewhere; be it home, sixth form or faith group.

I used these discussions as a basis for this resource, to provide a 6 week session plan covering a range of topics 16-19 year olds want to talk about; faith, disagreements, emotions, sexuality, university and politics. 

The aim of this resource is to open up discussion, encourage listening, and support the students' exploration of faith and worldviews. The key is exploring why they feel or think what they do, and explore their own influences and beliefs.  

Topics covered in the sessions are faith, disagreements, emotions, sexuality, university and politics. Each session takes around 60 minutes to run but they are flexible enough to adapt to different contexts and time constraints. Every session has an ice-breaker, questions for discussion, reflection including a biblical perspective, and an activity. 

The discussions can be used as part of a one to one session or in a group setting.

Download the free resource here.