Negotiation Game

Posted on November 17, 2007 by Amy Tolmie

A simple interactive game that works with a wide range of age groups in either the classroom or a group. It's a useful way into topics like conflict, values and relationships.

The game works by participants pairing up and deciding how an imaginary 100 points will be split between them. In doing so, they can only split the 100 points in factors of 10 (100:0, 90:10, 80:20, 70:30, 60:40) but they cannot choose 50:50. In other words, one will have to get more points than the other. They have to agree how the points will be split and they cannot finish the 'negotiation' until that agreement is reached.

Once they have reached agreement, each notes the points they have won, and moves on the repeat the process with another member of the class or group. The winner is the person who collects the most points in the time given. You will find that some participants will be locked in lengthy negotiations and may not even progress past their first partner. Others will prove to be persuasive and be able to collect many points. At the end the time alloted, everyone should count up their points and the winner announced. It's also useful to have some feedback: how did participants find the experience? What different tactics did they use? Was is better to aim to win each negotiation, or would more points be achieved by losing (perhaps 40:60_ but being able to move on more quickly and so meet more people?