Bullying Youthwork Resources

Posted on November 18, 2008 by Amy Tolmie

How does it feel to be bullied?

Pupils are given a sheet with the outline of a person and asked to think about how a person might feel when they are being bullied. They have to fill in the outline with words, images or their own drawings that describe these feelings. Examples might include: lonely, scared, sad, angry. This activity works even better if pupils are given old magazines to cut out images and words. Scissors, glue etc need to be given out.

download person outline

Behind the bullying

The class is divided into small groups and given a set of cards containing quotes from bullies about why they bully others. The cards are placed face down on the desk. Each member of the group takes it in turn to pick a card and say:

- do you think the bully's reason is acceptable?

- do you think the bully is to blame for their actions?

- is there any way the bully could be helped to stop bullying?

download cards

How should we respond?

This poem was written by a 14 year old victim of bullying in a school in Birmingham. Read out the poem or hand out copies for the class to see.

Ask the class to think about

- how do they feel reading this poem... guilty? upset? nothing?

- does the victim have a point... do people in this school tend to be like this?

- why do some people do nothing when they see someone being bullied?

- what should you do when you see someone being bullied?

- what will you do when you see someone being bullied?

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