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things hard to believe in???

November 14, 2007 by mark brown
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In an outreach lunchtime club today for year 5 -6, we did an activity with children that involved answering a few questions on sheets of paper on the subject of does God Exist? We got children to answer some questions, thinking about things you cannot see but believe in etc. - electricity/water/energy/germs and also "things hard to believe"(some interesting answers) including 'hard to believe in God'!! and also 'hard to believe in stories written 800 yrs ago' wrote one child!!

Supporting Christian teachers

November 14, 2007 by Amy Tolmie

Often the people who can have the biggest impact in a school are those who are there day in, day out - both staff and pupils. Does anyone have any ideas on how best to support teachers who are often already stretched to breaking point?


November 12, 2007 by Amy Tolmie
Categories: Secondary,

'Examattack' is a presentation helping pupils preparing for exams. At the heart it's to help them put exams in perspective and for pupils to 'give of their best and achieve their potential'. It has been very well received in schools over the years and has been put on the web to allow pupils, schools, youth workers, schools workers to make use if appropriate in schools and churches

School Group Meeting Oulines For World AIDS Day

November 12, 2007 by Amy Tolmie
Categories: Secondary,

Need some resources to help a secondary school Christian group (CU) look at how they respond to issue of HIV / AIDS? The re:source website has some excellent, high quality, bible-based resources produced in partnership with Tearfund. get them from:

Puma/Adidas Friendship Assembly

November 12, 2007 by Tony Buck
Categories: Secondary,

Ever been given that age old assembly topic of friendship? I've used this story in lots of schools with very positive results. I came across this in the resource section of Youthwork Magazine, summer 2006 - I tied it in with the football world cup in Germany. I shared this story with some of the other schools workers at the youthwork conference early day this year.