You Paid How Much For That?

Posted on February 17, 2011 by Amy Tolmie
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Here's a link to a great article about some of the world's record-breaking buys, found on the MSN site - could be a great start for a discussion or a session on wealth and materialism etc....

£4m bed with 24ct gold
£29m pink diamond ring sold at Sotherby's
£293k bottle of 64-year old single malt whisky
£2.2m diamond encrusted bottle of tequila
£5m gold-plated iPhone with 500 diamonds
£41.4m wedding which lasted 6 days
£20m car, a one-of-three-only Classic Bugatti
£1.6m 3-shilling stamp from 1855
£690m 27-storey Mumbai mansion
£961.00 chocolate bar: Wispa Gold
£1.2k bottle of Imperial Majesty perfume
£325k Tibetan Mastiff puppy bought in China
£2.7m cake decorated with 2,006 diamonds
£1k recipe book featuring 35 UK Chefs

The article with images for each item can be found at: