The Nativity

Posted on December 24, 2010 by Amy Tolmie
Categories: Primary, Secondary, 16-19s, SEN, Young Leaders,

An impressive telling of the nativity story was presented this week over 4 days on BBC1.

Here's some comments I picked up about it on Twitter:

- adamnprice:
Just been captivated for 2 hours watching #thenativity on iplayer. Outstanding production,made story fresh & deeply moved me. Well done BBC!

- RT @owenmorgan: Was so moved by the BBCs powerful retelling of #thenativity - struck by the compelling reality & incredible truth. Thank God!

- I think that #thenativity was amazing! Gripping stuff, even if you know the story so well!

- chriskidd:
Enjoyed #thenativity - very grateful to the #bbc for showing this beautiful story

- easyrew:
BBC Nativity: the greatest story ever told, or 'the greatest story ever; told really well' #youdecide #thenativity

Check out the website giving background information about the programme and tips about how to use it.

Oh and if you missed it, don't forget to visit iPlayer on the next 7 days to catch up: .

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