Praying for Schools

Posted on October 29, 2014 by Amy Tolmie
Categories: Primary, Secondary, 16-19s, SEN, Young Leaders,

Prayer is important. Even on a very basic level the idea of stopping, pausing, reflecting, being thankful, and thinking about how we might help another person are all great things to do. If we add the impact of the Holy Spirit into that, and the belief that God is a God who is engaged in his creation, not just sitting on a cloud throwing thunder bolts or handing out favours like sweeties, then surely just about anything is possible!

I have seen good, amazing, timely answers to prayers I have prayed too many times to dismiss it; despite all the other times where I have had to wait, and am still waiting for an answer!

I have been challenged recently about praying 'Your will be done'. Our tendency is to pray for the things we want to see happen, and these can all be very good things. But what about when things don't quite go the way we envisaged them going? What about if God wants to do something we can't imagine? Or indeed don't want to. Do I have the courage to pray 'Your will be done' and simply trust?

Put that into the context of praying for our schools however and it suddenly makes praying much more straightforward. Maybe you don't know what to pray for the school you work in; that your children attend; or the one that is at the end of your road. Simply pray 'Your will be done!"

What are the things we know from scripture are in God's will?
Protection of vulnerable children and adults
Daily provision of basic needs
Forgiveness given and received
Honouring God
Freedom of individuals and groups

What are the things then that we can pray for our schools knowing we are praying for God's will to be done (very much not an exhaustive list!):
For Senior Leaders – wisdom for the direction of the school
For those who protect the vulnerable within the community
For wisdom for those dealing with problem behaviour
For those who serve food and clear up afterwards
For those who know God to have boldness and sensitivity in sharing
For freedom within the lives of each member of the school community

Whether you pray on your own or in a small group; whether you have any input into the school in your prayers or not; I want encourage you to pray for your local school. You could wait for National Pray for Schools Day on 18th November, or you could start once you're done reading this. Whenever you do it: do it out loud, in silence, creatively, with movement or sitting still, at home, in school, in church, with friends, on your own. However you do it, let's pray that God's will is done, in our schools as it is in heaven.

For more ideas and links to useful websites regarding Pray Day for Schools on 18th November, please visit our friends over at Pray For Schools.