Love your receptionist week

Posted on November 14, 2012 by Amy Tolmie
Categories: Primary, Secondary, 16-19s, SEN, Young Leaders,

Love your receptionist week is just exactly what it says.
At the CROSS project we see a lot of different receptionists in several schools.
We always see how stressed out they are and how what they do goes unnoticed.

For each school then, we decided that a gift was in order.

In schools that week as you see your receptionists, you explain that this week is love your receptionist week and you would like to thank them for all they do, and you have brought them some gifts to show your appreciation.

A nice box of biscuits, a box of tea bags, a thank you card and some 'CROSS Project, love your receptionist week' coasters definitely did the trick. The response was great all round, they loved it and all commented on how it had brightened up their day. It opened up conversations that we wouldn't have had other wise. We have got to know all our receptionist better because of it.

Our relations with schools have been strengthened just by doing something a little bit different.

Give it a try.