Posted on March 02, 2016 by Amy Tolmie
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It's the beginning of March and we're already halfway through the season of Lent. You may be committed to a disciplined programme of fasting from a favourite food or activity, or like me you may have let the last three weeks pass by thinking that you'll get round to doing something at some point, but not actually getting there! 

So, this morning I saw something on social media that reminded me it isn't too late to get involved. I saw a story linked to 40 Acts, an idea that has been around for a number of years now but is still just as brilliant. It encourages you not to deny yourself something during Lent, but to give something back and learn new ways to be generous (not necessarily costing you money). 

Here is a part of today's reflection (Day 19: Daily Grind):

We might see a lot of people day in, day out. It can become easy to take them for granted, and forget to greet them with affection, or even just to say a simple thank you. Be mindful of how you treat your nearest and dearest today; they deserve your courtesy and kindness just as much as anyone else.

Your daily latte-maker, your bus driver, the lollipop lady, the postman – why not leave something nice for them to find? Slip it into their bag, leave it on the doorstep or pop it into the tip jar – and leave a note to explain that you're thankful for them.

Whether it's about your work with young people in schools and helping them embrace Lent or for you to reflect on personally, may I encourage you as I encourage myself today, to embrace generosity during this season. Do check out the 40 Acts website and take a look around - it's beautifully designed and you can also have a look at any of the days you've missed so far.