Education & schools work update

Posted on February 06, 2011 by Amy Tolmie
Categories: Primary, Secondary, 16-19s, SEN,

Headlines from the world of education and schools work:

Michael Gove condemns charities' 'don't touch' warning to teachers: The education secretary said telling teachers to avoid physical contact with students was 'playing to a culture of fear'

GCSE league tables: thousands of pupils failing in key subjects: Up to 500,000 teenagers are leaving school without a decent grasp of traditional academic subjects, league tables show.

Head urges parents to apply for free meals: Parents who fail to claim for free school meals for their children, despite being eligible for them, are being urged by a secondary head to apply in order to boost school funding under the new pupil premium scheme announced last month.

The King's Speech shines light on stammering: Just as The King's Speech puts a spotlight on children who stammer, services to help them are being cut

'70% would drop out' if EMA is scrapped: Seven in 10 poor teenagers would drop out of school if controversial plans to scrap the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) go ahead, research suggests.

National curriculum review: compulsory subjects 'could be axed': Compulsory lessons in subjects such as citizenship, IT, music and design and technology could be axed under a sweeping review of the national curriculum.

Write it don't type it if you want knowledge to stick: Children and students who write by hand learn better than those who type, a study shows.

Text messaging 'improves children's spelling skills': Mobile phone text messaging can boost children's spelling skills, according to new research.

Ofsted: white boys 'held back by low expectations': White working-class boys are falling behind their classmates after being let down by unambitious teachers, according to the education watchdog.

Mayor caught speeding by local schoolchildren: The Mayor of Doncaster has been caught speeding by children in a police road-safety exercise.

Religion must be in key school exam, insist faith leaders: Bishop of Oxford says anti-Islam protests make the subject essential for the English baccalaureate. Religious leaders and theologians have condemned the decision to leave religious education off the list of GCSEs that go towards the controversial new English baccalaureate.

Coalition seeks to introduce post-exam university admissions: Can the coalition succeed where Labour failed, to make university admissions follow A-level results?

The Children's Manifesto of 2001: This is what the school children of Britain wanted back in 2001

Unruly behaviour in schools 'caused by boring lessons': Boring lessons are fuelling bad behaviour in the classroom as unruly children "muck about" to kill time, MPs warned.

Writers speak up over plans to close 450 libraries: Protests against the planned closure of more than 450 library services were staged today. Library users, authors, parents and children took part in "read-ins" and demonstrations at libraries in South Yorkshire, Lancashire, Gloucestershire, Dorset and in Oxfordshire, where 20 of the 43 libraries still running are earmarked for withdrawal of funds.