CU's Continuing the conversation

Posted on September 06, 2011 by Louise Funnell
Categories: Primary, Secondary, 16-19s, Young Leaders,

Had a little conversation with some people at Imagine'11 about Christian Unions and thought we could all continue this...

I guess CU's have been something on my heart for a long time (it was what got me into this job) but something i've also wrestled with for a while, so here's some of my thoughts which could be wrong, but hopefully will help us converse!

** Young people should be encouraged to lead CU's themseleves (see
** We should look to develop character, and how following Jesus works out in everyday situations, not soley focus on events outreach.
** Schools are one of the places where 'gospel advance' is fast growing.
** We should therefore ALSO encourage them to get out and do things that bless their school! (it really doesn't have to be big!)

love it if we could share ideas and prayers and questions here...