Christianity Awareness Week

Posted on October 22, 2012 by Amy Tolmie
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Greetings and Good morning,

A few weeks ago I had the BEST week I've ever had in schools in 24 years with Scripture Union. 2 years ago the same thing happened. Link? Christianity Awareness Week – Slough (Maidenhead). A partnership between local churches, local senior schools and LZ7. Below is a video that unpacks more and if you think your area / town / borough etc might find something like this useful or another area you know then feel free to make contact and we'd be very happy to share any thoughts / reflections we had. Thanks to Ben Miles for putting this together.

The vibe in the schools, the stand alone whole year group lessons, the lunch-time concerts (AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!), the Friday night concert (AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!). The initial response, the vibe back in the schools this week and it goes on (AMAZING). The openings for others to get involved with these schools.

Before lz7 came to Beechwood I personally thought they where going to be rubbish not being horrible but I did I thought they where going to be just a group put together and come and talk about god all day and wanting us to read the bible and singing songs from churches. But I was ALL WRONG! Seeing lz7 on Monday first lesson was amazing there a brilliant group and I love their songs they really do inspire me when they talk about having a choice and they spoke to us as how we speak they didn't just stand there and talk for ages they taught us a good lesson and getting us involved , and talking to god they made it easier and understanding for all of us they made the day brilliant and now I have been and seen then and spoke to them they really are amazing an I look up to then as an inspiration because before I would of never thought I would be talking and praying to god and having a choice, seeing them on Friday in slough at the centre was amazing it was defiantly one of the best nights of my life they as a band get us to be involved and talk to us during the concert and when they stopped an took moment to get us all to talk to god! I felt really special they truly do inspire me a lot and I would recommend people to see them live I would love to see then again because I love how they are all Christians and are not scared to get people involved with god and talking to him love them very much Thank you (Year 10/11? Beechwood)

When you first mentioned they would be coming to school I initially thought, great another preacher, another band and another lesson missed but as soon as I walk into the hall, lights, music, action! It was epic and legendary, the music was played at full blast, pretty sure the whole building heard it and the meaningful lyrics and catchy songs did bring a new opinion on how Christianity can be studied. Not only was the music fantastic, but Lindz also spoke about life, the choices some people, and the effect it had which opened my eyes a bit about other people in the world suffering from human trafficking especially on the word stereotyping and how I did it myself. This all was inspiring. The lunchtime concert just got me in the party mood!! It was so much fun, the best lunchtime I ever had! It was great to see how LZ7 brought the school together to listen and rave to wicked music! OMG THE CONCERT!!! WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE HOW SICK IT WAS!!! I got to meet new people from different schools, I PARTYED HARD! Lost my voice from that night from screaming and cheering so much, I actually went away and learnt words so I could sing along LOL but it was just amaaaaaaazing! The whole process of hearing about lz7, listening to them then going to concerts was like a journey and I know now not to stereotype since you never know what they are like till you find out. LZ7 shows me that we don't need to preach to spread the word about God there are different ways to do it, and we should all be disciples like LZ7. Stop dwelling on what haven't got, appreciate what you have got. (Year 10 St Bernard's)

Eg when we did this in Maidenhead in 2010 we learnt some things that enhanced it this time round. Last week we learnt some other things that we are passing onto Reading as they have a week next month.

Thanks for your time and have a good rest of week.