What’s Breathe?

Breathe is a resource for the spiritual development of 16-19 year olds, encouraging them to explore and consider themes of belief, journey and values through a series of interactive, experiential meditations and activities. 

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Whilst the meditation texts offer a Christian perspective on these questions, the resource is designed for use in a multi-faith environment, taking care not to offend, nor enforce beliefs on anyone who may use it. Students of all faiths and none will find breathe to be a refreshing and challenging opportunity to stop and reflect on their life, values and beliefs.

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How does it work?

Using an iPod, students follow 12 short mp3s with corresponding activities to guide their thinking. The tracks ask questions about self, individuality and identity, other people, interdependence and global community, creation, environmental issues and future, and God, Jesus and prayer. 

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The 11x11m parachute split into 12 sections, helps create an engaging space for young people taking part. The audio tracks, along with the simple practical tasks, make breathe an ideal resource for all types of learner, providing something to satisfy the visual, audio and kinaesthetic minds.

The session takes around an hour to run and can be used with up to 30 pupils at a time. 

What's it for?

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Breathe creates a space for students to think and reflect on their journey and beliefs, giving them a structured and accessible approach to the space it creates.

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In the midst of the busyness of study, coursework, placements and assessments, time for personal thinking can be hard to find. The activities in the box develop students’ thinking in areas of citizenship, PSHE, ethics, philosophy and equality and diversity.

For secondary schools & sixth form colleges, breathe engages students with essential elements of the RE syllabus, covering questions of self, community, global issues and God and offering a Christian perspective on these areas. Breathe can be used as part of the statutory RE provision required for all students.

For FE Colleges, breathe can form part of the tutor-time syllabus, encouraging personal development and self awareness, citizenship and an understanding of the belief systems of other students. It could also be used during an ethics and values week, healthy living week or equality and diversity week.

How could you use it?

The flexibility of Breathe means it can be used in a variety of ways. Here are some suggestions of how you could use it.

What's on the


Explore Breathe

11x11m Parachute

The parachute is made up of 12 differently coloured sections. Each section hosts a different station. The parachute acts as an engaging way of working through the activities.

Breathe Gallery 01

Station 1: Known

Pupils open up the layers of a Russian doll. The meditation invites them to think about the different ways in which they are known by strangers, friends, themselves and whether God knows them.

I thought this was a nice way to realise people see you in different ways
Breathe Gallery 15

Station 2: Unique

Pupils are encouraged to select words from a list that they think describes them, and then to think of their own word to describe themselves too.

I enjoyed this activity. It made me open my eyes and see that people are all different and that we are all special
Breathe Gallery 21

Station 3: Forgiven

Pupils are invited to draw a word or symbol on a piece of paper that represents something they regret, and are then invited to shred this paper as a symbol of freedom.

the shredder was so therapeutic and it helped me see that I at least have control over some stuff
Forgiveness Image 4

Station 4: Acceptance

Pupils can design their own Mr Potato Head character. They are then encouraged to shine a UV light on these pieces which have words written on them, labels often given by society

really good because it shows hidden meaning past appearance
6  Mg 1213

Station 5: Interdependence

Pupils are encouraged to reflect on people who have affected their lives. They then write the names of these people on leaves and attach them to the tree.

I loved how I had the chance to acknowledge my idols/role models
Breathe Gallery 05

Station 6: Globalisation

Pupils can read the stories of people who have made the products they use regularly. They are then encouraged to reflect on their connection to these people

Made you think about what you take for granted
Globalisation Image 5

Station 7: Origins

Pupils make their own play dough character as they reflect on whether they were designed by God. 

God could’ve made us any way but he chose to make us this way
Origins Image 6

Station 8: Future

Pupils simply lie back on the mat and take some time and space to dream dreams about their hope for the future.

This was good because it made you relax and have time to think about your life 
and what you want out of it
Future Image 7

Station 9: Footprint

Pupils answer questions in a quiz about the world’s resources. They use scales to show the balance between personal consumption and world resources.

it really inspired me to make a difference
Mg 1229

Station 10: God

Pupils can watch an animation of images produced by other pupils in response to the question “Where is God?”. Pupils are invited to write or draw their own thoughts.

Did make me think although I don’t really believe or talk or pray.
God Image 8

Station 11: Jesus

Pupils are encouraged to build their own town using miniature buildings, and then place the Jesus model where they think he is most likely to be. The bottom of each block explains if and why Jesus would have gone there.

I liked how it gave us the opportunity to show our own future compared to that of someone else’s, using the idea of God or not
Mg 1219

Station 12: Spirit

Pupils can touch a plasma ball to see the streams of energy move towards their hand. This is used as a metaphor for connecting with the Spirit of God through prayer. 

It makes you wonder how everything is linked together and how everything works.
Breathe Gallery 20
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