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Posted on May 10, 2016 by Amy Tolmie

"It is 8:50am and the bell has just rung.  You've just finished having tea and toast with your students at breakfast club and you're heading down to the main school hall to lead the Year 9 morning assembly on the theme of the week which is forgiveness.  At the end of the assembly you get stopped by a teacher who is concerned about a student and wonders if you would mentor them.  After that it's time to prep for a year 11 R.E. lesson on belonging and identity before heading out onto the playground for break time where you chat to students and staff about their plans for the weekend.  The time in between break and lunch involves mentoring a student you meet up with for regular weekly sessions and lunchtime is spent supporting the student-led Christian Union.  Once lunch has finished, it's time to catch up on a few emails and office admin and you also pop in to the staff room to see what teachers are about, hoping to bump into the student teacher who you know is currently attending an alpha course at a local Church.  Your final task of the day is the sports based after school club, run in partnership with a local Christian charity.  This group can run without you, but if you’re not tied up with after school meetings you always try and attend.

The life of a school chaplain is a unique, diverse and exciting one, with every day being different, the roles they fulfil and the support they provide changes from day to day and develops as time progresses and trust in built up. School chaplaincy is growing.  Once a ministry just for the independent sector, chaplains both lay and ordained, male and female, young and old, can now be found in all sorts of schools across the country, from rural primary schools to bustling city secondary academies and FE colleges too."

Guest blog from Hannah Legge, Scripture Union Schools Development (Midlands)

If you want to know more about Chaplaincy then on June 15th, Chaplaincy Central (a charity set up and committed to supporting chaplaincy in schools and further education), is putting on a day conference in Birmingham. The day is aimed at those interested in chaplaincy right through to those experienced in leading chaplaincy teams. The sessions will cater for primary through to further education colleges and from both state and private school perspectives. During the day we will hear from Garry Neave, the Church of England's national advisor for further education and Gordon Parry, director of the School Chaplains and Leaders Association as well as input from Prayer Spaces in Schools and Festive

To book go to 

Wednesday 15th June  10am-4pm

 £25 including lunch and drinks 

 Location: Christian Life Centre, 900 Bristol Road, Selly Oak, Birmingham, B29 6HW

For more info about Chaplaincy Central and to sign up to receive our newsletter then head to You can also follow us Twitter @ChaplainCentral and like us on Facebook

  • Rich Barton


    I am mentoring someone who would like to start a chaplaincy project. Would this be useful to be able to support him (I have a background in schools worker doing RE lessons). I myself am not a chaplain however or have any formal qualifications.

    Rich Barton