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Tuesday 29th Sep, 2009 by Chris Kidd

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News from the world of education and schools work:

The self-sufficient school: The 10:10 campaign wants businesses, individuals, organisations and educational bodies to cut their carbon emissions by 10% in a year. Here’s how Ashley school in Surrey did it.
High UK spend not reflected in school success, says OECD report: UK’s levels of teenage pregnancy, drunkenness and unemployment are among highest out of 30 countries. High public spending in the UK on child welfare and education is failing to deliver results, an international comparative study warns.
Angel sightings ‘should not be dismissed’: Children who believe they have seen angels often keep it quiet for fear of   being ridiculed by adults according to research.
Teaching assistants don’t boost progress: Pupils supported by teaching assistants do no better than those who are left alone, but TAs do improve classroom discipline and reduce teachers’ stress levels.
Small sixth forms get lower grades: Research shows sixth-form colleges offer more subjects than a lot of schools and achieve better results.
Teenagers today work harder than we did: Pupils are achieving more every year, but are appreciated less and less, argues Fiona Millar.
Poverty is not the only thing poor children suffer from: The poverty of aspiration which blights so many young people’s lives is   Dickensian in its extent says Lesley Ward.
Easter holidays ‘axed by councils’: Thousands of schools are dumping the oldfashioned Easter holiday in favour a USstyle “spring break” despite fears over a flight from Christian tradition.
Freshers offered etiquette guide: Debrett’s warns new students not to get carried away by their first taste of freedom. Students starting university are being offered an etiquette guide to help them make the right impression.
10,000 petition to scrap Sats: Teachers’ unions are running an online campaign to end the tests, and are threatening a boycott. More than 10,000 people have signed a petition urging the government to scrap Sats tests in primary schools.
Prejudiced teachers too quick to brand children ‘naughty’: Children are being labelled “naughty” as a result of their teachers’ views of their home backgrounds, says a major study. It adds that once children are tagged as troublesome it is difficult to shake off that reputation.
Text message speak ‘not harmful to children’s spelling’ says research: Using text speak - the OMGs m8s and 2mros - does not harm children’s spelling abilities new research suggests and may even be a good sign.
Divorce linked to age and education - study: Feeding data into a special ‘calculator’ suggests the best guarantee for a long-lasting relationship is to marry later and have good schooling behind you.
Ofsted childminding rules ‘to be reviewed’: New rules forcing adults to register with Ofsted before looking after their friends’ children may be scrapped amid claims they “defy common sense”.
Parties face youth backlash on fees: Poll shows 85% of young people oppose university fee increase. The major political parties risk a backlash at the ballot box from young voters whose attitudes are hardening towards the charging of university tuition fees, a poll shows.


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