Who Is Jesus

Monday 21st Jun, 2010 by Craig Mullen

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I wanted to have a good video of people sharing their views on who they thought Jesus was for a lesson. Unfortunately I didn’t come across any that were fairly short and snappy so we went into Leeds and asked some members of the public what they thought and this is some of their responses. I hope you find it a helpful resource.

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Thanks - nicely produced and useful. The YFC resource on ‘Explore’ Jesus is also good in this area, costs a bit but worth it for the videos alone.

By lat@retoday.org.uk on Sunday 5th Sep, 2010

I like this - very useful and I can see being used in school / church and elsewhere as an introduction to all sorts of avenues on ‘Who is Jesus?’. Thank you.

Wayne Dixon

By Wayne Dixon on Monday 6th Sep, 2010

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