End of year assemblies

Thursday 16th Jul, 2009 by Amy Tolmie

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Doing an end of term assembly? Already done some? It would be great to hear stories of what’s going on in people’s experiences. I know the end of term is probably only a matter of days away now, but I know some people are still looking for last minute ideas for an assembly, so it would be good to share some if we have them…


I did an end of year assembly this week. We looked at the effect we can have on others by the way we live our lives, and I shared the story of someone who had a huge impact on my life and particularly my faith. I then asked the students who had impacted their lives and how.

Looking back on it (and if I had more time - this was only a 5 minute slot in assembly!!)...I might have at this point asked 5 students to share who had been an influence to them (perhaps by doing the post it note trick at the start, asking for answers on post it notes from the front row as they come in and using them later in the assembly), or if it was more appropriate, to have asked a larger selection of students and to display these (without naming the students!) on screen at this point.

We thought about the influence they had been having on others over the course of this year and how they were going to move on into the next year. What kind of influence they wanted to be, and who they were allowing to influence them and have an impact on them.

We spent the final 2 minutes reflecting on the year that was. I used some keynote slides which I will post on the resource toolkit. It’s a very simple idea, and incredibly simple slides, but I did get some teachers thanking me after as it seemed to fit well as their last assembly. I asked the students to reflect silently on these questions, and if was appropriate they could use it as a prayer time to thank God for the year, or alternatively to be still and just reflect personally on where they were at. These were the questions:

what has been good this year?
what has been tough this year?
what has surprised you this year?
what are you going to take into next year?
what are you going to leave behind?
what are you discovering?

I used this final question as I put it to the classic ‘Undiscovered’ by james Morrison and it tied in perfectly with the lyrics!

Feel free to use this space to add your own ideas and comments…

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I did a yr 6 leavers talk at the end of their leavers assembly, so it was very short. It was based around the Exodus. I took in a suitcase, my laptop bag and a small rucksack. I talked about what each was used for and then talked about the kinds of bags the Israelites took. Not a suitcase as good would provide for their needs so they didn’t need to take lots. Not a work bag as they were going to a new place where their work would be different, but a small rucksack so they could travel light, and just take the things they need. I then encouraged the pupils that when they pack their bag for secondary school in Sept. they could remember the bags I brought and remember that like the Israelites going to a new strange land, the Bible says God will be with them.


By Andrew Smith on Thursday 17th Jul, 2008

I’ve just done yr 8’s end of year assembly. i was asked to do about Aiming Higher which was a bit odd cos usually we do about removing reputations you have given yourself (or been given) but we fitted it all round anyway!

By Louise on Thursday 17th Jul, 2008

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